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22nd November 2017

Higher Education IT students gained a real insight into the world of cybernetics when they were visited by local industry figure Colin Williams, Director of Yorkshire based company Softwarebox Ltd.  

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Colin Williams regularly speaks, consults and writes on matters to do with Information Assurance, cyber security and more. He spoke to students about the developments in Cybernetics and the moral consequences it may have. From the earliest conceptual ideas in the mid 1800’s, through to the current technological advancements that have literally given us ‘bionic’ people, cybernetics has been a controversial subject and presents many moral and ethical issues.

Once the stuff of science-fiction, cybernetics in 2016 is very real and Colin touched on what it is to be human as well as what sets us apart from animals and even considering the ‘human’ rights of robots and cyborgs.

As well as a presentation covering these topics and more, students were able to ask Colin questions about this fascinating, if controversial, subject.
Richard Hind, IT & Computing tutor said: "This was a most thought provoking presentation – the thin blue line where science fact meets science fiction head on. I also had the realisation that as someone with filings, I am technically a cyborg! I grew up in an age when bionic implants were TV fiction (The Six Million Dollar Man) but we now live in an age where this is becoming an everyday reality."

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