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23rd November 2016

During Road Safety Week York College held two days of activities to inform students about the importance of keeping safe on the roads, asking them to Make the Brake Pledge.

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With ‘Drive Wise/Live & Learn’ talks by North Yorkshire Police and the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, and car cutting demonstrations carried out by the North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, students were left in no doubt about the dangers of careless driving and the importance of responsible attitudes to road safety.

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In a mock-up road traffic accident, students watched as fire fighters demonstrated cutting people out of cars in a collision situation. Jane Proud, Watch Manager at York said: “We are raising awareness about the dangers of driving, especially to young drivers who think they will live forever and have not had the experience of driving yet. We need to keep young people safe and showing them what we do when attending a road traffic collision is very sobering. We demonstrate everything a road traffic collision entails, including the practicalities of using heavy hydraulic cutting gear and administering first aid if necessary.”

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Uniformed Public Services student Annelise Brook watched the demonstration. She said: “It’s awful to see what fire fighters have to do at a traffic accident. It must be horrific for anyone involved in an accident and the fire fighters are under so much pressure to get them out safely. The equipment they use is so heavy and they are very skilled in their jobs. It’s been an eye-opener for me.”

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A Level student Andrew Cross said: “I was recently in a road accident and thankfully this kind of equipment was not needed. Now I am more respectful of people on the road and the activities at College have made me even more aware of the dangers of dangerous driving. It does not always have to be about you in the driving seat, it is also about what other people on the road are doing.”

Students were also made aware of cycling safely and had the opportunity to speak to representatives from the Police and Fire Service about road safety.

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