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8th November 2016

Uniformed Public Services students will lead the York College community in two minutes' silence on Armistice Day.

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Uniformed Public Services students Henry Lanfranchi and Becky Coe stood on parade with their local cub and scout groups on Armistice Day when they were younger.  Becky, aged 16, says: “It was a tradition I was brought up with, my family taught me to respect the date and everything that it means.”

Becky, formerly of Joseph Rowntree School, is thinking of joining the Police Cadets to eventually have a career in the Military Police. She says: “My course has made me more aware about conflict and what it actually means. Now I find it easier to make my own judgements about war, and it’s really interesting. I think it is important show respect on Armistice Day as I can’t imagine what families must have gone through in the World Wars. In the two minutes silence I will have them in my thoughts.”

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Henry, aged 17 and formerly of Tadcaster Grammar School, wants to join the Police Cadets, progress to university to study a degree in Policing and then have a career in CID. He says: “I associate Armistice Day with the First World War and what the soldiers must have experienced in the most horrendous conditions in the trenches. We should never forget the sacrifices they made.” 

Becky and Henry say the Level 3 Uniformed Public Services course is giving them all the information they need about the huge range of career options in the uniformed public services, and they feel better informed to make decisions about their own career choices.

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