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9th September 2016

Kick-starting the academic year, York College is delighted to have a former Art and Design student Dan Howden exhibiting his latest 'Let's Throw a Party' collection in the York College Gallery (12th September - 13th October 2016).  

Sixty Nine Eh2000WEB

Dan, formerly of Fulford School, completed the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at York College in 2012 and was awarded a Distinction for his final major project.  On leaving College Dan progressed onto the BA (Hons) Illustration degree at Liverpool John Moores University, achieving a first class honours.  This exhibition features work created for Dan’s degree show as well as new work created over the last year. Dan is now embarking on an MA in Illustration at Manchester School of Art. 

Says Dan: “I was introduced, somewhat reluctantly, to linocut during my Foundation year at York College. At the time, I was content and heavily invested in painting inaccurate acrylic portraits of Chris Martin, and wasn’t willing to experiment. The smell of the ink, at the time, was lino’s only redeeming quality. 

Zayn On Everything1200WEB

Due to my initial reluctance to embrace linocut, I wound up teaching myself how to etch later than most and this led to the conception of my unconventional printing technique that I still use today. My method isn’t the only aspect that’s seen little change since College; my equipment hasn’t either. From the glass chopping board that I stole from my mum back in 2011, to the secondary school-standard inks that I continue to use for their vividness, I find the idea and its composition far out-weigh the quality of the equipment at my disposal.

Al Hassan Al Basri 2000WEB

My work is predominantly architectural. This came about through a solo pilgrimage to Cape Cod in 2014 before my final year of university. Whilst there, I was struck by how much its toy town-like aesthetic leant itself to lino and subsequently set about illustrating it on my return. Due to its effectiveness, I decided to run with it, and have spent my glorified ‘gap year’ capturing scenes of personal interest from London, Kuwait, York and Liverpool, in preparation for York Open Studios.

When, on occasion, not architectural, I’m heavily influenced by zeitgeist and my own (predominantly melancholy) nostalgia, which I then combine with my appreciation for western pop culture to make my personal themes more accessible to a wider audience. I really enjoy referencing things from the outside world in order to give the work multiple layers that the viewer can discover at their own leisure.”


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Dan Howden's recent exhibitions and events include:

Featured on It’sNicethat.com for a second time
Finalist in the Nobrow illustration Category for an Exhibition held at TimberYard Seven Dials, London
Accepted into the Manchester School of Art to study MA illustration
Exhibited at Canal 180’s design festival in Portugal
Quit the Royal Collage of Art
Exhibited at York Open Studios 2016
Featured in Printed Pages 2016
Accepted into the Royal College of Art to study Visual Communication
Hung first Exhibition at York City Screen
Delivered a lecture on linocut at Queen Ethelburga’s School
Featured in Cape Cod magazine

Recipient of the Thomas Sheppard Award at the 2015 LSOAD Degree Show
Graduated from Liverpool John Moores - First Class BA Hons
Placed 4th in People of Print’s Graduate Print Awards 2015
Produced some speculative work for ‘Time Crisis’ an Apple Radio broadcast - featured briefly on iTunes
Sold first batch of prints to a collector from TX, USA
Featured on It’sNiceThat.com
Received first commissioned work from Intern Magazine



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