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22nd March 2016

Jules Dymond, Student Advisor for Welfare and Funding at York College has spoken about York College’s excellent support for young adult carers at two high profile events in London.


Jules spoke about the College's support for young adult carers at an event showcasing the NIACE ‘WE Care’ project, aimed at improving young adult carers’ access to learning and work, and attended by their patron HRH Princess Anne.

The event focused on the three policy tasks of the National Policy Forum for Young Adult Carers and Jules gave a presentation on the College’s bursary support for young adult carers. She was accompanied by a young adult student carer who spoke about the difference the support has made to her at York College.

Said Jules: “I was thrilled to talk about how the bursary improves the lives of student carers by removing at least some of the financial barriers to attending college. Being a carer can be hard, lonely and sometimes heart-breaking. It can also impact on student attendance, time-keeping and available time for college/paid work. Students may spend time thinking about somebody else or flinching every time the phone rings because something serious might have happened. Students may not be able to have friends over. They may not have many friends themselves, as it can be hard for other people to understand why carers can’t come out or why they don’t have the time (or energy) for a chat.

"We are lucky in York to have a fantastic Carers Centre who offer one-to-one and peer support, a listening ear, benefits advice, respite activities, advocacy, training and advice on self-care (plus other helpful things). Carers in York can also register for a Carers Discount Card and/or a Carers Emergency Card; staff from the Centre visit the college each month to offer support and signposting, including to those who live out of area.”

Earlier in the year Jules spoke at the National Policy Forum for Young Adult Carers, facilitated by the Learning and Work Institute, attended by representatives from five government departments along with two young adult carers and a range of third sector organisations. York College has been cited as an example of good practice in this field, and the current version of the Student Carers in Further Education Toolkit is available here

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