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17th February 2016

York College is delighted to present Tool Box - a new solo exhibition by artist Matt Morris, from 22nd February to 24th March 2106 in the York College Gallery. The exhibition of paintings and objects is Morris’s recent collection produced as part of his MFA at The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London.


The title ‘Tool Box’ has been used to describe the collection of paintings of tools that are familiar to him, tools that he uses in his practice as an artist and tools that he uses in his job as a gardener. This relationship establishes a dichotomy between the idea of nature and culture, a relationship between manual work and intellectual work, between the hand and the eye.


For Morris “The shape of the tool and the function of the tool give my eye a relationship to my hand, which in turn gives form to an image. In my paintings the idea of a remembrance is played between the tool that is being directly observed and the background it rests upon. I consider their placement within a shallow space as though they are resting between jobs, about to be picked up and used, This background is a space both shallow and interior that is in keeping within a genre of still life that elicits complete attention on the objects themselves while avoiding distractions from the outside world. The tools that I paint have grown and evolved together with the body to enable certain tasks to be achieved and through this relationship familiarities have occurred that enable the tools to take on the characteristics of its user. In this way they could be considered representational of their user and through painting they can become less still life and more self-portrait by proxy and substitution.”



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