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9th February 2016

Creative Media students had the chance to feedback their ideas and opinions about their local newspaper when Haydn Lewis, Live News Editor at The Press in York paid a visit to York College.

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After skimming through the day’s paper, students were tasked with critiquing the layout, news stories and style of the paper before offering their own thoughts on any changes they would implement to make the newspaper more appealing to young readers. They spoke about headlines, design and colour, story content, advertisements and page layout, before suggesting that a dedicated younger section or supplement, or regular youth page, would be inspiring.

On a local level students felt topics such as fashion, student discount vouchers, employment opportunities for young people, local band stories, photo galleries and tech talk would be interesting, as well as select mix of national stories. They also thought a more accessible way for young people to engage with the paper would be to get involved in user-generated content; writing stories and taking photographs.

Haydn Lewis, Live News Editor at The Press said: “It was great to meet the students and hear their ideas on how we could make The Press more appealing to a younger audience. I will be feeding back their comments to the team in Walmgate.”

In the near future Haydn Lewis hopes to return to the College to talk about his role, career opportunities in the industry and the future of journalism.

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