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27th January 2016

Messing around with his step-brother’s guitar, aged 11, has led Music A Level student Nathan Steele to study at a top music conservatoire, where he will perform at the highest level. Nathan is in the enviable position of successfully securing offers to study Jazz Guitar at either the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, the Royal Northern College of Music and Leeds College of Music.

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Nathan, age 18, formerly of George Pindar School in Scarborough, taught himself guitar. As he got older he enjoyed performing in local bands and productions and, after formal teaching on his instrument, he became serious about studying performance at university – however, he needed to find the best educational route to get him there.

He says: “Studying at York College meant I was able to study my perfect A Level subject combination; Music, Music Technology and Computing. I am also in the College’s Music Development Centre, which has opened up all kinds of musical experiences for me, such as dedicated instrument tuition, performance opportunities, working with composers and attending a jazz workshop at Leeds College of Music.

Nathan says: “My tutors have been great. They totally understood my priorities and supported me when I needed to spend more time practising my guitar, particularly for auditions – this definitely helped me to achieve my dream. I have been advised by the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama that they are the best place to study jazz guitar and eventually I would like to live in London where there should be plenty of work for a freelance musician.”

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