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26th January 2016

Contemporary 3D Craft Degree students Layla Eldon and Tessa Cator have been employed by leading ceramic artist Clare Twomey, to help make 2,000 spoons for her very moving Holocaust memorial project ‘Humanity In Their Hands’.  Clare's project culminates on Westminster Bridge on 27th January 2016 when the students will help to give out the porcelain spoons to passers-by.

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This Holocaust memorial project derives from research carried out on Holocaust Day last year, when invitations were handed out to the public on Westminster bridge asking them what humanity means and what it needs to survive today. Artist Clare Twomey also met with Bosnian concentration camp survivor Nisad ‘Šiško’ Jakupović, who told her that in the camp they hand carved wooden spoons to eat with, which also reminded them of home, the spoons had their names carved on them. Clare photographed and recreated the spoons through 3D printing, making moulds from which 2,000 slip cast porcelain spoons were made. Each spoon has quotes about humanity written on them, as a lasting legacy of people's thoughts and beliefs. A selection of the spoons will be presented to the Queen.

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Last year renowned ceramic artist Clare Twomey worked with York College students to make the installation “10,000 hours” for the new Centre of Ceramic Art at the York Art Gallery. She was so impressed with students Layla and Tessa that she invited them to help out with her next project in London.

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Ed Poxon Course Leader for the Contemporary 3D Crafts Degree at York College says: “ The Humanity is in our Hands” project is an extraordinary metaphor for the human spirit and has a particular resonance for the Craft students who study how we make and relate to the objects in our lives. The title also alludes to the collective responsibility we have to protect the values of humanity. The project has been designed to promote this collective spirit and provide a moment of reflection on Holocaust Memorial Day. This is an excellent opportunity for York College students to work with an established artist on a project of national importance.”

Follow this link to read about ‘Humanity in Their Hands’

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