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12th January 2016

This Pa(pered) exhibition brings together four artists with a link to the Painting degree at Edinburgh College of Art. Sarah Sheard, Darren Nisbet, John Brown and Liam Walker are four artists who use paper as an integral part of their work. This includes: constructing unexpected ideas by doodling on receipts, newspapers, envelopes, cardboard boxes and bus tickets; using the cut and stick-on ability of paper to build new things; buying a block of index cards and filling them with images, then buying another one and filling that with images; sticking paper on a wall then sticking other bits over it; making drawings that are mistakes but not worrying about it. The availability and immediacy of paper allows them a way to vent a wide range of ideas quickly.


John Brown is currently a lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA). He uses a wide range of sources, formats and methods to make large, complex installations that place small incidences and objects against the background of the epic to create new narratives. At the core of all his work there is a fascination and obsession with drawing and ‘stuff’ and all that the world contains at this point in history and trying to find ways of putting it all together.

Sarah Sheard graduated from BA (Hons) Painting at ECA in 2014. She creates paintings and installations that have a clever pop at the art market. Examples include ‘Donald Judd’s Cuboid Hotdogs’ and ‘ Mark Rothko likes his steaks rare’. She was selected for RSA New Contemporaries in 2015.


Liam Walker is from Bradford. He completed his Bachelors degree in Painting at the Edinburgh college of Art in 2013. Walker creates highly detailed autobiographical drawings on found paper. He is currently studying at the Royal Drawing School in London.


Darren Nisbet graduated from BA (Hons) Painting at ECA in 2012. He documents experiences and objects in which he interacts with on a daily basis. Drawing influence from the everyday using mediums such as television, film and advertising to inspire his work, Nisbet create highly detailed collages and drawings.


Steve Hemingway who runs the York College Gallery, says of the exhibition: "We are delighted to be hosting this show of recent graduates and staff of the Painting degree course at ECA. We have great links with the department and have sent many students to them over the years who have all done fantastically well. This exhibition is quirky, fun and displays a range of different styles of contemporary drawing and painting. I am sure it will be very well received, inspire our staff and students and be much admired."

The Gallery's Pa(pered) Exhibition runs from 9th January to 8th February 2016.

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