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13th November 2015

As part of the College’s fundraising efforts for Children In Need, A Level and BTEC Music students, and members of the York College Soul Band, joined together for two Sound Circus performances raising over £100.


Audience members were able to casually walk in and out of the College’s Alan Aykbourn Theatre whilst enjoying performances from different music genres, including Rock, Pop, and Indie. Covers included: Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’, Amy Winehouse’s ‘You Know I’m No Good’, The Arctic Monkey’s ‘Mardy Bum’ and ‘Run’ by Leona Lewis. The College’s Soul Band renditions of ‘Higher and Higher’ and ‘Soul Man’ were particular highlights.


Music student commented that being in the bands had been a ‘fantastic experience’ which had helped them to make friends when they started College. They also said Sound Circus had helped them achieve their performance potential. One student was even overheard saying: “It’s better than Glastonbury!”.

Chair of Governors, Shirley Collier said: "I was privileged to spend an hour today at Sound Circus. Wow! - what a show!  I paid good money earlier this year for Live at Leeds and most of the bands I heard this afternoon were better than the ones I paid to hear in Leeds!

As a musician myself I was impressed by the tonality and tuning of the repertoire on offer as well as its breadth. Cover versions were delivered with a personal take, nothing derivative, though I did have a wry smile when one lead singer introduced The Smiths' That Charming Man and I got ready to dance, then realised I was the only person present, apart from him, who recognised the song and knew the lyrics. Likewise with Pulp.

It was also a great opportunity to be with students supporting their friends and to see how much they all got out of it.  Congratulations to all the students who performed over the two days and to the staff who assisted them."

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