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A Level Psychology student Ellie Maycock has been awarded the Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation Psychology Prize at York College this year. The Prize was presented by Marjorie Marks-Stuttle, in memory of her daughter Caroline, who was murdered during a gap year in Australia (2002).

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Ellie, aged 19, is a former pupil at Canon Lee School Specialist Arts College. Whilst at York College she has studied A Levels in Psychology, English Language and Philosophy, as well as completing an Extended Project Qualification. She is eagerly awaiting her A Level results and hopes to progress to Durham University to study a degree in psychology.

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Psychology tutor Peter Fenton says: “Ellie is one of the most humble and hardworking students I have ever had the privilege to teach. Over the past few years she has survived trials and tribulations that many would have found too daunting to bear, and through it all she has driven herself to achieve and excel in all her studies. Her understanding of psychology has become very well developed, and she has pushed beyond the boundaries of the A Level to conduct an EPQ into the evolutionary explanations of ‘Creepiness’, which achieved her high regard among her tutors. She is a genuinely lovely person, and one who could not be more deserving of this prize. I am very proud of her.”

Ellie was delighted to be chosen to be this year’s prize winner, saying: "I could not believe I had been chosen - I thought there were other more deserving students. It’s true I have a passion for psychology and I really do appreciate the significance of this annual College award, given on behalf of an incredible charity. Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation has done so much to help young people travelling around the world and I feel honoured to be this year’s winner.” 

Marjorie Marks-Stuttle said: "Like Ellie, my daughter loved studying Psychology at York College and intended going to university to study the subject further. I am pleased to present Ellie with this award on behalf of Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation, which in some small way will enable her to pursue a degree in the subject.”

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