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The final year project by Extended Diploma Music students culminated in a performance of songs from three different albums; Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, Abba Gold and Life is Elsewhere by the Little Comets. The groups final gig together at the Post Office Club in York gave the audience a polished, authentic musical experience and left them chanting for more.


The vocalists on Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’ (video clip below) were students Will Vessey and Daisy Black. Will, formerly of King James School in Knaresborough, is looking forward to progressing to Newcastle University to study a degree in Contemporary & Popular Music and Daisy, formerly of MillthorpeSchool , is destined for Tech Music School BIMM London to study Creative Musicianship.

Music tutor Rob Parker said: “Interestingly, the students totally embraced the music even though two of the albums were released well before they were born. The Little Comets album was particularly challenging and students learnt and rehearsed the music to a high performance standard. The year group gave a great final performance and I wish them success as many of them progress to study music at universities up and down the country.”

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