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The Hospitality and Catering Division at York College has been successful in securing a grant from the Savoy Educational Trust for a fantastic £8000.

The grant will go towards updating the current equipment in the College's training kitchens in line with that of local and national trend setting establishments.


Karen Horsman, Team Leader for Catering, Hospitality and Business says: "New equipment will give students the skills and experience needed to secure jobs in local, regional or national hospitality establishments. The grant will also allow tutors to modernise the curriculum delivery and keep abreast with current trends and practices.

She added: "This is such an exciting time for the Division. Our students will study within a modern realistic working environment, with new technology relevant to the local industry. Their skills will enhance creativity, innovation and sustainability, keeping the Division at the forefront of professional cookery development."

York College alumni have either progressed to hospitality management and nutrition/food science at university or else gained employment at prestigious restaurants across the country. The Savoy Educational Trust grant will enable future students to excel in the kitchen and maintain such impressive progression routes.


Margaret Georgiou, Savoy Educational Trust Administrator said: "The Trustees are always very keen to offer funding to colleges to enable them to develop their facilities, thus greatly enhancing the realistic work environment for the students both present and future and help raise their aspirations. If there is to be a successful transition from education to employment, it is vital that the students have the opportunity to learn from and use modern, up-to-date equipment whilst studying hospitality at college."

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