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Art and Design students at York College got the academic year off to a colossal flying start with two interesting and impressive holiday projects.

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New students studying the Foundation Diploma in Art and the Year 2 Extended Diploma created huge household items such as toasters, vacuum cleaners and lamps out of every day materials. Students worked in small groups as part of a two-day induction project, whilst getting to know their fellow students and making gigantic household items. Emily Greenhalgh and Jake Garland helped make the giant vacuum cleaner commented: "This is the first 'colossal' item that we’ve made and we enjoyed working on it. The project provided a great bonding session for everyone. We are really looking forward to the rest of the year."

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Emma Penistone, a first year student on the Extended Diploma in Art and Design course was part of another holiday project where students were asked to make and present a variety of birds, using recycled materials. The project inspired students to reflect on their personalities, self-image, feelings and expressions. Emma created an owl from different metals, she said: “We received the brief on New Student Day and were asked to work on the project over the summer. All of the students who took part in the project enjoyed the creative experience."

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Helen Ventress, Head of Art and Design said: "They were excellent projects for the students to embark on. Allowing them to show their fantastic skills as well as creating confidence as artists. Both projects were really ambitious and raised everybody's creative spirits whilst creating great bonds at this early stage in the year."

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