York College

This is an exciting time for women's football. It was confirmed last year as the number one female sport in England and can now boast 4,800 women's and girls' teams and more than 85,000 female players. The Women's Football Development Centre enjoys high quality coaching and training using all the best facilities that York College can offer.

The day-to-day involvement in coaching and training will allow players to reach their full potential and provide opportunities to play at the highest level in women's football.


What training is involved?

Individual and Team Coaching and Training

  • Fitness Training
  • Specialist Goalkeeping
  • The Development Centre students will have the opportunity to take the 1st4sport Level 1 or 2 Certificate in Coaching Football (The FA), Child Protection and gain knowledge of injuries and their management.

"The past 3 years have given me confidence to continue my education with a scholarship in America." - Charlene Woodward, A Levels.


Typical Weekly Programme (9am to 4.30pm)

Monday: Coaching, Education, Education
Tuesday: Education, Coaching, Coaching
Wednesday: Education, Fixtures in CFE League
Thursday: Education, Education, Education
Friday: Education, Coaching, Education


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