York College

Every student attending the Music Development Centre is required to undertake a full-time programme of A Level or Vocational study. In addition to specialist advanced music study, students receive expert tuition in their chosen instrument, music theory, grade tuition and live performance practice with one of our ensemble groups. This is organised to fit with regular tuition and rehearsals. Students can study across the full range of courses offered at the College or opt for more specific pathways. Attendance and satisfactory progress on the educational programme is monitored regularly and all Music Development Centre members are expected to work equally hard on this aspect, as well as their Development Centre activities.

What sets us above other colleges/sixth forms

  • Specialised private music teachers in all instruments. Giving students the maximum level of attention and teaching
  • A Level students; Instrumental lessons are heavily subsidised
  • In the top 25 per cent of colleges for music
  • Dedicated computer rooms and recording studios
  • Use of the College's Alan Ayckbourn Theatre for music shows
  • Regular performances outside of the College
  • A fulfilling programme and extracurricular activities for students
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