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Information on when to apply, how to apply, and what to do if you are still undecided.

Please note: You can now apply for Vocational courses online, discover how by visiting our Applications page.

When to Apply

As soon as you have decided on your choice of course or subjects you can apply to York College. You can apply after the October half-term holiday and we would advise that you send in your application as soon as you can, and no later than the Easter holidays to have the best chance of securing a place on the course/s you have chosen. We will still accept applications after the Easter holidays but you may not get a place on the course/s you have chosen.

How to Apply

You can apply in the following ways:

  • Make an online application. Browse our website to the courses you want to apply for, add individual courses to your shortlist and then apply online.

  • Fill out a paper form. These are available in schools (ask your Head of Careers), from Connexions Advisers and from York College, or download a form here.


Please don't worry if you are still a little unsure about your course choice. The courses you put on your application are just a starting point and we are aware you may want to make some changes over the coming months. Please complete the form as carefully as you can. When we receive your application we will acknowledge it promptly. We will then invite you to a personal advice and guidance interview.

Further Information / Contact Us

For any further information please call the Schools Liaison team on 01904 770239.

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