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The process of finding you the right place to live begins as soon as you apply to us. Follow this link to know more about how this works from a student’s perspective.

Finding the right place to live is a very important part of your preparation for study at York College. The College does not have its own accommodation but we do work with a large network of homestay providers who offer a safe, comfortable, British home from home!

All of our homestays are within walking distance of the College or a short bus ride away. The College carries out all necessary checks to make sure that homestay providers meet national standards of quality and safety, giving all students the best possible year in the UK.

How do I arrange accommodation through the College?

The first step is to tell us your accommodation preferences. When we make you an offer we will send you a web link to an online form.

This gives you the chance to tell us a bit about yourself and the type of accommodation you require. We look at all our applicants together from May and you can expect to hear about your homestay host in July.

Costs and other details

In most homestay arrangements all meals are provided except for lunch during the week. You will have your own bedroom with a desk, bed, chair and space to store your things. This includes internet access and all bills. There is also the option of self-catered homestay, which reduces the cost but means you are responsible for the buying and cooking of all of your own food in someone else’s home. This is only available to students aged 18 or over. Further details are available on request.

Each year we ask all hosts and students to sign a version of our accommodation agreement. You can download an example document below. However, depending on the nature of your programme the actual document you sign may be slightly different.

Accommodation Agreement – PDF format

Other type of accommodation

Homestay accommodation is the only type of accommodation that is arranged directly by the College. However, if you are over the age of 18 you can choose to live in privately rented accommodation, most likely a shared house. In a shared house you have your own room and share the rest of the facilities in the house with the other students living in the house.

The students in the house have a shared responsibility for the house and any problems need to be reported to the landlord or letting agent. Further details as available on request by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.