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Are you aiming to study at a top university?

At York College, we encourage all of our students to aim high and have ambition. For some students, this may involve progressing to top universities to study competitive degrees such as Medicine or Law.

Applying for university and attending interviews can seem daunting, so here at York College, we try to offer as much support as possible to our students to ensure they are well informed and well prepared. It’s never too early to start preparing for your future. Whether it be researching universities, writing a personal statement or developing your subject knowledge, make your first steps today.  With the help of progress tutors and our Oxbridge Coordinators, our students are supported at each stage of the process.

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For more information on how we support our students, see English tutor and Oxbridge Coordinator Vicky Joyce’s insight into applying for top universities.

To hear from some of our students about how they found the process, visit our York College Oxbridge Candidates 2020 feature.

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