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If you are going to be using the College bus service from September 2021 fill in our travel application form here.

Please find below updates regarding Transport for the start of the academic year 2020/21 including changes to some of the Reliance services, purchasing passes/tickets for the college bus, keeping you safe whilst travelling to and from college and communication information.

All information regarding timetables, routes, tickets and terms and conditions can be found on the transport page of the college website (link below). If you are returning, please check the college bus timetable for any changes to departure times compared to last year.

See our updated timetable here.

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions of travel before purchasing a ticket or mobile pass and before using the college transport.

Link to the Transport page of the college website http://www.yorkcollege.ac.uk/contact-us/travel-transport.html

College buses will commence from Thursday 3rd September.

We will be running all 15 college bus routes as normal. One journey in to college on a morning and one on an afternoon to go home. Departure times from college are as follows:

Routes 1/2/3/4 departs college at 4.40pm

Routes 5/6/7/8 departs college at 4.45pm

Routes 9/10/11/12 departs college at 4.50pm

Routes 13/14/15 departs college at 4.55pm

When waiting for the bus to go home, at the college bus shelter, please wear your face covering. Also, please make sure you are at the front at the time your bus is due, to avoid too many people congregating in one area.

Please also space out as much as possible and avoid congregating in groups of more than 4 people.

Pricing will be staying the same as the previous 2 years: Inner Zone £2.10, Mid Zone £3.20, Outer zone £4.20 per single ticket. Pricing for weekly passes can be found on the Transport page of the college website and are based on 3 days per week regardless of how many days you are physically in college.

Changes to Reliance routes 19M (via Acomb/Poppleton) and 30SE (Via Easingwold / Thirsk)

New Stop for 19M 30SE

The Reliance routes 19M and 30SE will no longer pick up / drop off outside the college. The new stop will be Moor Lane bus stop. Please see the map of the new bus stop attached to this email. This is to ensure social distancing can be adhered to. This bus stop is opposite Tesco Petrol Station.

Please see the Reliance website for details on how to pay / timetables for all Reliance services.

Face coverings must be worn on all public transport.

Other Local services to get you to college

If you are using other services to get to college e.g. First York (incl. Park and Ride), Coastliner /CityZap, Connexions, train service etc. please see their own website for timetables and any changes due to Covid19. We have a link to local bus services on the transport page of the college website with a list of local services and links to their websites (link to the Transport page below).


You can also get various discounts on transport for Students including the YoZone card for 16 – 18 year olds who are living or studying in York. You can apply through iTravel York on the following link:


Other discounts can be found on the Transport page of the college website under “Local services”.

Discounts cannot be used on the College bus service. They are for public bus services only.

Face coverings must be worn on all public transport. Please check the providers’ website before travel for up-to-date Covid19 guidelines.

Purchasing tickets/passes for York College buses only.

For the start of term you will only be able to purchase single and weekly mobile passes or a single paper ticket to use the college bus service.

Due to Covid19, please purchase a mobile daily or weekly pass from the online shop if possible and avoid using the ticket machine in the Atrium, to minimise contact and to help with Track and Trace if this is needed.

Please purchase your online pass before your first journey into college. Again, this is to help with Track and Trace if needed.

To purchase a daily or weekly online pass, you will need to login to the online shop. Login using your college email address and password which will be given to you after enrolment.

Once you purchase an online pass, you will receive two emails, one with a receipt and one with your pass attached. Please show the pass (not the receipt) to the driver when you board the bus.

If your mobile daily pass or weekly pass does not arrive in your email inbox shortly after purchase, please check your junk/spam before contacting the college for advice.

The pass will be sent to the email address which the college holds as your primary contact email address. This might be your personal email address or your college email address.

Paper tickets can be purchased once you get to college on your first day. Please only use these if there is no possible way of getting a mobile pass e.g. if you don’t have a mobile device. If using paper tickets, please show your college I.D when getting on the bus on your first morning if you have it.

If you do need to purchase a paper ticket, the driver will have a box which you can put your paper ticket in to once you have shown it to the driver. This is again to reduce contact.

Refunds cannot be given for any daily, weekly online passes or paper tickets.

If you have applied for and have been awarded a bursary or you have applied for a pass through the council, you will automatically be sent an annual pass to your mobile device as an email attachment. Please keep this safe as you will use this for the full academic year.

Keeping you safe! Boarding the college bus / face coverings and exemptions

In line with government guidelines and to keep each other safe, you must wear a face covering when boarding the college bus. This can be anything which covers your mouth and nose such as a face mask, bandana or scarf.

If you are exempt from wearing a face covering for medical reasons, you will need a face covering exemption pass from the college. To apply for an exemption pass, please do so by contacting Student services by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will then send you an exemption pass by email and you can show this to the driver when boarding the bus along with your college I.D. If you don’t have a mobile phone, the exemption pass can be printed and a hard copy can be shown to the driver.

Unless you have a college exemption pass, you must wear a face covering on the college bus.

Please board the bus from the rear. If you are first to get on the bus on a morning, please use the back seats first and then fill up from the rear according to where you get on. Going home, if you live further away from college please board the bus first and again, fill up from the back of the bus. This is for safety reasons so that people getting on and off the bus are not walking past other people to find a seat and reduces contact and therefore risk.

When waiting for the bus to go home, at the bus shelter, inside the college grounds, please wear your face covering. Also, please make sure you are at the front at the time your bus is due, to avoid too many people congregating in one area.

Please also space out as much as possible and avoid congregating in groups.

The bus companies are taking steps to keep you as safe as possible when using the college bus service. Drivers will wear PPE or have a Perspex screen. All buses will be periodically wiped down with disinfectant. They will also be sprayed every 28 days with a specialist chemical which sits on surfaces for 28 days and kills viruses.

Where hand sanitiser is provided, please use this when boarding the bus.

Please space out as much as possible on the college bus.

The first few seats of the bus will be kept empty to keep yourself and the driver as safe as possible.

If you have any symptoms of Covid19 please do not board any transport to college and do not attend college. The main symptoms are:

  • A new and continuous cough
  • A loss / change in taste or smell
  • A high temperature

Please do not attend college or board transport if you have tested positive for coronavirus or if you live with somebody / someone in your support bubble has symptoms or has tested positive for coronavirus.

Please check the government guidelines for up-to-date information about isolation etc. (link below)


The above information may be updated later in the year as government guidelines change.


We use Twitter to communicate any delays or issues with your journey. It is therefore important that you follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date. You can also let us know if your bus is late, by sending us a Tweet, so that we can chase it up for you with the bus company. Please follow is on Twitter.

It’s free and easy to download the Twitter app to your mobile device.

If you would like to let us know about any problems on the college bus or would just like any transport information you can contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Information about communication can also be found on the Transport page of the college website.


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