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Course Types


When do I enrol on my course?

This year we will be enrolling as many students as possible online to reduce your need to come into College and to keep you safe If you already hold an offer from us, on Monday 17th August you will receive an email inviting you to enrol to your course, which will give you a specific day to enrol (please check your junk mail). Our main enrolment period will run between Wednesday 19th August and Thursday 3rd September.

What do I need to enrol and what happens?

This is when you officially sign up to start your course. You will need to upload evidence of all of your official exam results, transcripts or certificates, as without these we may be unable to complete your enrolment. You will also need to upload a form of ID, such as a passport, driving licence or bank card.

In addition, we will need you to upload a passport style photo of yourself (except we love it when you smile!), so we can create your student ID card.

I haven’t received an enrolment invite email by Tuesday 18th August

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will resend your invite email.

Why do I need to enrol at a certain time?

This is the first time we will have enrolled the majority of our students online rather than face-to-face. We want to ensure the best experience and reduce the chances of our website crashing therefore we have spaced out our students across several days. Please do not worry if you have been asked to enrol at different times to your friends. If for any reason you cannot enrol on the day you have been provided, please complete your enrolment on the next available day for you.

How long will it take to enrol?

The whole process should not take longer than 15-20 minutes, but it is very important that you upload the supporting documents and fill in the additional information we require.

I didn’t get the grades I needed for the course I applied to

We are sorry to hear that you did not achieve the grades you were hoping for – we would encourage you to follow the online enrolment process so that the curriculum can make a decision about whether you are still able to continue with your chosen course or if there is a more suitable alternative for you. If you would feel better speaking to someone on the phone, you can ring our Enrolment Hotline on 01904 770114 however these are not curriculum specialists and will not be able to answer course specific questions. Please note the Enrolment Hotline will be available from Wednesday 19th August between 9-5 until Friday 4th September, excluding weekends and bank holidays.

Can I speak to a tutor about the course I am interested in?

We have a very small number of face to face appointments for those applicants who need additional support and advice. In the first instance, please ring our Enrolment Hotline for advice and if required, they will be able to book you an appointment.

I’ve changed my mind about the course I want to do

Please still follow the online enrolment process. There will be a question where you can state which course you would like to study instead. It will then be up to the curriculum team to decide if you meet the entry requirements for the new course instead.

Can I get support with my enrolment as I am unable to enrol online/need assistance?

If you need additional support, you can either speak to one of our advisors on the Enrolment Hotline who can help you over the phone or if you really feel you would benefit from speaking to someone in person, they will be able to help you. If you feel you need additional help because of a learning difficulty or disability, please let the advisor on the Enrolment Hotline know and they will be able to direct you to our Learning Support team.

Is it safe for me to come into York College in person?

We want to reduce the amount of enrolment appointments taking place in the College for the safety of students and staff, and therefore strongly encourage using our online system or our Enrolment Hotline. However, we understand that for a small number of applicants, we will need to see you in person. We are taking all precautions that we can such as regular disinfecting of surfaces, hand sanitising stations, a one-way system and adhering to social distancing rules. We ask that you adhere to current government guidance whilst in the College. We remind applicants they SHOULD NOT attend if they or anyone in their household has experienced COVID-19 symptoms within the last 14 days (new and continuous cough, fever or loss of smell/taste) – in these cases, a telephone appointment can be booked instead.

Can I still apply to York College?

Yes you can – it is not too late. Please apply on our website.

How do I find out if I have a place at College?

A member of the curriculum team will review your application and make a decision on offering you a place. The Admissions team will then contact you via email to confirm an offer and to provide details of how to enrol.

Is there anything I can do to be prepared for starting my course?

Due to the Covid-19 crisis we were unable to invite students in for our usual transition days. With this in mind, our tutors have prepared some transition activities to help you keep your mind active and help you prepare for the start of term. You’ll find them all on our website, listed by subject area.

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