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We have put in place arrangements for all of our  students currently on courses that started before Christmas to continue  all learning online and secure your qualification or certificate.  For a great number of students this includes live streaming teaching following the original timetable in place to work towards completing courses as planned. This  means that the fee you have paid (where applicable) covers anything extra that we need to provide and you will not be charged anything extra by us to achieve your qualification, equally there will be no refunds or discounts made due to the change in delivery model. If on some practical courses there is a loss of hours during this lockdown period then we will make up this time once the college reopens. Your tutor will let you know more information this week.

Courses that were scheduled to start in January and were planned to be delivered on site in college have now been rescheduled to start following February Half Term due to the recent government guidelines to close schools and colleges, except for where they can be moved to online. If the course can be moved on-line you will be contacted by the college.

Sorry for this inconvenience, of course this position will be monitored and reviewed regularly as we move through the next few weeks. Please check the college website for information.

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