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Building and civil engineering technicians perform a variety of technical support functions to assist civil and building engineers.


  • Sets up apparatus and equipment and undertakes field and laboratory tests of soil and work materials
  • Performs calculations and collects, records and interprets data
  • Sets out construction site, supervises excavations and marks out position of building work to be undertaken
  • Inspects construction materials and supervises work of contractors to ensure compliance with specifications and arranges remedial work as necessary.

Entry Requirements

Entrants usually possess a relevant BTEC/SQA award or an Advanced GNVQ/GSVQ Level III. The status of engineering technician is obtained after a period of further training at work and upon gaining the membership of a professional engineering institution.

Industry Insights

Salaries for this occupation tend to start at £30,000 per annum and can progress up to £50,000 per annum.

Is it in growth or decline?

There are currently 2,540 employed Building & Civil Engineering Technicians in the region.

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