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Statements and Reports

Mission Statement

York College. Where everyone matters and a successful future begins.

York College's mission is to provide a life enhancing educational experience, through inspirational teaching, working in partnership and helping individuals to be the best they can.

York College Values 

As a way of fostering learning, York College values:

  • all our students and their individual achievements
  • the commitment and professionalism of our staff
  • the highest standards in all that we do
  • working together to meet the needs of our College and the wider community
  • effective, efficient and appropriate use of resources
  • respect, equality and honesty


Safeguarding Statement

The safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults is fully embraced by all York College staff and underpins the College's values.

Follow this link for further information on our Safeguarding policies.


Annual Reports

Annual Report 2017/18

Annual Report 2016/17

Annual Report 2015/16

Annual Report 2014/15

Annual Report 2013/14

Annual Report 2012/13

Annual Report 2011/12

Annual Report 2010/11

Annual Report 2009/10

Annual Report 2008/09

Members' Reports and Financial Statements

Financial Statements 2019/20

Financial Statements 2018/19

Financial Statements 2017/18

Financial Statements 2016/17

Financial Statements 2015/16

Financial Statements 2014/15

Financial Statements 2013/14

Financial Statements 2012/13

Financial Statements 2011/12

Financial Statements 2010/11

Financial Statements 2009/10

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Financial Statements 2007/08

Remuneration Reports

Remuneration Report 2018/19

Supplier Payment Performance

Supplier Payment Performance 2018/19

Supplier Payment Performance 2017/18

Supplier Payment Performance 2016/17

Supplier Payment Performance 2015/16


HE Financial Information

HE Financial Information 2017/18

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