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Fashion Show Progression 2017

The York College Fashion Show is a highlight of the Art & Design division's calendar each year. Students are able to showcase the skills they have developed over the year and express a particular theme or idea through the clothing they produce. Tracking the progress of six students on the BA (Hons) Fashion Design & Production course as they prepare for their Fashion Show, to be held at The Principal York on 22nd May 2017.

Week 1 - 10th March 2017

In these preliminary stages, the students have gathered together their ideas in a series of sketchbooks to express their thought-processes when developing the topic or theme of their collection from an object or issue to a full clothing collection. The image below details the initial sketchboards of the six students whose collections include (from top left to bottom right): Libérée, ;Perfect Imperfection, Seven Nevers, The Shire, The Perfect Illusion and Women In War.

Week 1

Featured Collection: Women in War

Kellie Walker

Kellie Walker, aged 25 from Leeds (formerly of Roundhay School), has drawn inspiration from the Suffragettes, World War I and World War II, as well as present day war zones to create her 'Women In War' collection. She has chosen heavy cottons and hardwearing fabrics and colours that would have been available during wartime to clearly express the theme. Her collection includes dungarees, a floral housecoat and wearable shirts and trousers with frilled embellishments.

Kellie Walker Montage

Week 2 - 17th March 2017

Moving on from their initial designs, the students have now started gathering their chosen fabrics together before they begin to give life to their creations. The students initially work with toile (test garments) in order to practice their patterns and clothing sizes before using their fabrics and custom-made materials to start putting their collections together.

Week 2

Featured Collection: The Shire

Sabrina Wharton-Brown WEB

Sabrina Wharton-Brown, aged 26 from York, has been inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' to create her collection, appropriately entitled, 'The Shire'. The womenswear collection is made up of a series of jean-type garments, jerseys and dresses influenced by the 'Middle Earth' tale. She has also included Celtic elements, with garments featuring freehand embroidery patterns of a cyclical nature to connote the elements of 'one' and 'ring' found within Tolkien's work. Her fabric choices include wools, leathers and suedes in a selection of natural tones.

Sabrina Wharton-Brown Collection

Week 3 - 24th March 2017

Having moved on from creating their collections using toile, the students' designs have now begun to really take shape. Their choices of fabrics and use of decorative motifs and embroidery are managing to truly translate their initial designs and inspirations into wearable clothing pieces.
Week 3 Montage

Featured Collection: ;Perfect Imperfection

Paula Delgado WEB

Paula Delgado, aged 22, originally from Gran Canaria, has created a collection entitled ';Perfect Imperfection' having drawn inspiration from the issues of bullying and body dismorphia. She uses rich, textured fabrics such as leather, in order to imitate the natural folds of the body, flesh and protruding ribs. The collection aims to raise awareness of body dismorphia and eating disorders by considering the natural distortion of the body and how this can be interpreted through the outfits she has created.

Paula Montage

Week 4 - 6th April 2017

The students have now begun working on several pieces from their collections, with dresses, shorts and jackets almost complete. The original ideas behind the students' collections are now clearly visible through the garments they are producing and the choice of fabrics, colours and embellishments all help to bring their ideas to life.
Week 4

Featured Collection - Libérée

Ashleigh Timbs WEB

Ashleigh Timbs, aged 21, from Pocklington (formerly of Woldgate School) was inspired to create her collection, entitled Libérée, after being on a Maltese beach and witnessing police patrolling the shore after a refugee's boat capsized. Ashleigh wanted to use her collection as a political message about the current refugee crisis. The collection features sportswear and oversized garments made from heavy, durable, comfortable materials as well as a bespoke text-printed fabric. Several of the pieces also feature large pockets where one could carry all their personal belongings, just as many refugees having nothing but what they carry.

Ashleigh Montage

Week 9 - 10th May 2017

The students have now all completed their collections and have started to make lookbooks in time for the Fashion Show. The final garments have been showcased in a College photoshoot and now there is only a dress rehearsal to go before their designs are debuted on the catwalk.

Week 9 Montage

Featured Collection: Seven Nevers

Lucy Sherwood

Lucy Sherwood, aged 44, has based her childrenswear collection on mathematical concepts and numbers. Using the Ishango and Lebombo bones (the oldest known mathematical artefacts); the use of hands for counting and abacuses for inspiration, Lucy has been able to create unique patterened designs using bespoke surface printed fabrics. The comfortable, wearable garments have been created mainly in blacks, whites and greys and are modelled by Lucy's son.  

Lucy Sherwood Montage

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