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This programme will provide basic sales training for any member of a sales team and will focus on hands-on and practical steps to structure the sales process. Enhance your skills to boost performance, gain a strong desire to succeed in sales management and learn proven techniques to achieve more sales and engagement through social media. The training programme will help you provide a structured approach to sales, help you implement new ideas that will add value, and learn how to practice with your fellow delegates. It involves activity including;

  • Pre Course Questionnaire to all the learners.
  • Design and tailoring of the course to the learners needs following the analysis of the questionnaires, the observation and liaison with line management.
  • Delivering an in house training course.
  • The course would be part classroom based and practical examples.
  • Agree outcomes and actions with the team at the end of the training session.
  • A follow up on the course with a briefer session with the team focussing on the outcomes and the success of the process and training if required.

Course details

The training is based on following 7 steps of the customer visit/call/conversation introduction to closing and following up in Sales Skills and the processes and focus needed in Sales Strategy.

Sales Skills

Planning the call/visit

  • Objectives are to gain a sale and organise your planning to achieve it.
  • Introductions and creating “attention getters” to gain the clients interest.

Opening the Call

  • How to create impact and the customer’s interest in the first few vital seconds.
  • Developing impact statements and questions that make the customer want to listen.
  • Dealing with resistance during the call.


  • Using open and closed questions to uncover real customer needs
  • Empathy and active listening techniques.
  • Using questions to discover problems and create value in solutions provided.


  • Ensuring the presentation demonstrates that the product/solution meets the prospect’s needs and priorities.
  • Ensuring the presentation includes relevant evidence of success, case studies and references.

Overcoming objections

  • Understanding the types of objection that they are likely to meet.
  • Handling objections constructively.


  • Connecting your product/service to customer needs.
  • Securing commitment from the customer.
  • Knowing when to close and when not to.

Follow up with the customer

  • How to follow up and when to follow up.
  • Managing the Sales Pipeline.

Sales Strategy

Ever-changing customer needs and buying behaviour coupled with increased competition for value superiority are driving companies to seek new and innovative go-to-market approaches. We will guide you through an in-depth exploration of the range of possible sales strategies and the many challenging decisions critical to revenue growth.

  • Apply a strategic mind-set to the sales function and approach.
  • Establish segmentations and growth priorities that result in winning sales strategies.
  • Move beyond elevator pitches to compelling B2B value propositions.
  • Modernise or update the sales processes.
  • Channels to market and how to reach them.
  • Develop key accounts programme.
  • Customer Service and CRM.
  • Sales is the whole company.

Social Selling

The course is designed to review all aspects of your social media and approach and to create a framework for new business development and to develop further the appropriate skills, tools and techniques for using the various platforms and major sites can work together to help your market your business online and you’ll be shown real and practical ways of doing so including presentation, discussion, exercises, class workshops and demonstrations.

  • The major channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more.
  • The ground rules; the major do's and don’ts about social media in sales.
  • Site by site training – a demonstration of all the major channels.
  • Finding your audience on all channels.
  • Targeting your audience on different sites.
  • Tips, tricks and expert insights.
  • Creating new customers and keeping them.

Delivery and Attendance

This course will run at York College 9.30am – 4.30pm on:
22nd May 2018


£80.00 per delegate

For further information and to book onto this programme please call: 01904 770368 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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