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Living with family / house owner
Shared Student House
Self Contained Accommodation
Important Information
Points to Remember
International Students
Accommodation providers required

The accommodation office

For more information please contact:

York College Accommodation Office
Info Zone
York College
Sim Balk Lane
YO23 2BB
Telephone: Carrie Avetoom on 01904 770401 or
email: accommodation@yorkcollege.ac.uk

For more information about shared living try visiting the website for Shared Accommodation at http://www.sharingaccommodation.co.uk

Safeguarding Statement
The safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults is fully embraced by all York College staff and underpins the College's values'.







Living with family / house owner

This type of accommodation is available to students who would prefer to live with a host family / owner, offering either:

Bed, breakfast and evening meal (5 or 7 days)
Self catering (5 or 7 days)

Students who are able to go home regularly at weekends are advised to accept the 5 day type of accommodation.

Accommodation consists of your own room with bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe, and a desk and chair, or with access to a quiet area for study.

Charges and payment are usually negotiated directly between the student and the accommodation provider. Please note a bond or deposit is often required, please check with the provider.


Shared / student accomodation

This type of accommodation consists of your own room, sharing all facilities with the other students living in the house, i.e. living room, kitchen and bathroom. Students have shared responsibility for the house and any problems or defects should be reported to, or discussed with, the owner.

Please note that the weekly / monthly rent charged may not include bills, e.g. electricity, gas, or water. You are advised to check with the provider.


Self contained accommodation

This accommodation is available through letting agencies in York but is not usually available to students under the age of 18 years as you will be required to sign a legally binding document.

It is advisable to visit York to view available property and reach agreement on terms of the tenancy with the landlord.

Tenants are normally expected to provide their own household linen, crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils.

The tenancy and liability for full rent commence on the date agreed by the landlord and tenant, and continues whether the property is continuously occupied or not, until the tenancy is properly terminated.

Rent will be required for the whole period of the tenancy including vacations.

If you are interested in this type of accommodation you can request a list of letting agencies from the Accommodation Office.


Important information

It is important that students reach agreement on all aspects of their accommodation, before agreeing to occupy the accommodation. It is hoped that this will avoid disagreement at a later date.

Below are some notes for you to consider with respect to:

Payment of rent
Normally rent is payable weekly or monthly, in advance, as agreed with your accommodation provider. Some providers may request a deposit or bond; please ensure that you ask prior to agreeing to take the accommodation.

Charges are based on a weekly rate and students cannot, therefore, expect a refund for an occasional day or weekend away during term time, unless a prior agreement to this effect has been made with the accommodation provider.

In cases of prolonged absence, owing to illness or for any other reason (e.g. official or organised visits away from York), agreement should be reached between the accommodation provider and the student, where possible.

Students should be considerate in giving accommodation providers adequate notice of any intended absence. Students who propose to go home regularly at weekends are advised to accept the 5 day type of accommodation (bed, breakfast and evening meal or self catering). Most accommodation providers will not mind students staying the occasional weekend if given reasonable notice.

Retaining fees
Retaining fees in 'meals provided' or 'self catering' accommodation are usually half the normal fee, although some providers may request the normal fee. Shared student housing, however, can be very different and most providers will expect a retaining fee (possibly, though not always, the full rent) during vacations.

When the weekly charge includes heating and lighting students are expected to be reasonable in their use of these. Excessive use of heating and lighting may result in a demand for additional payment.

Rent does not necessarily always include the cost of personal laundry.

Notice of departure
A student leaving accommodation permanently for any reason should give the accommodation provider either a week or a month's clear notice dependent upon whether rent is paid weekly or monthly.

Changing accommodation
Students are advised to retain accommodation for the whole of the year, but if it is necessary to move during the year, this should be done at the end of term.

The Accommodation Office should be notified immediately of any change of address.


Points to remember

1. Do be considerate and remember that you are living in somebody else's home or property.

2. Do pay your rent at the agreed time.

3. In 'meals provided' establishments, do let your accommodation provider know if you are going to be away for a few days, or if you will not be in for meals.

4. Do reach an agreement regarding the facilities offered BEFORE taking up residence.

5. Please respect any ' house rules' set by your accommodation provider, particularly with regard to smoking and friends visiting / staying overnight.

6. Don't play loud music. What is normal to you may be extremely loud to others.

7. If, through necessity, you have to leave your accommodation, do please give the agreed notice.

8. Do PLEASE let the Accommodation Office know where you decide to stay by returning your completed S/AT form.

9. Do remember with self contained accommodation you may well be paying 12 months' rent for 9 months' occupation.

10. Do enjoy your time at College. It is supposed to be one of the best times of your life!


International students

International students coming to York College will receive information on accommodation and an accommodation form from the International Office. This accommodation form should be returned to the college. We will then endeavour to find appropriate accommodation, matching your requirements to those of the host family / provider.

For more information about the International Office please follow this link.


Accommodation providers required

We have a large number of international and home students who will require accommodation this year. We are looking for providers who could offer accommodation either with meals provided or on a self catering basis. In return for a reasonable rent you should be willing to provide:

  • Own room with bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe, desk and chair.
  • Meals (breakfast & evening meal) or self catering
  • Use of bathroom and other facilities
  • Clean and welcoming environment









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