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York College Exam Timetables

Exam timetables for A Level and GCSE students are available through your ProPortal account.

 For a copy of the instructions to explain how to access your exam timetable, click here.

Please note: students with exam clashes and students who have access arrangements will still receive paper timetables.

Students completing on-demand or vocational exams will have exam date, time, and location information sent to them by their tutor.

Exam Clashes

When you have two or more exams timetabled at the same time, this is known as an ‘exam clash’. These will be resolved in accordance with regulations and indicated in red on your timetable.

Two papers that clash and result in a total exam time, including any extra time you may be entitled to, of three hours or less is known as a ‘follow-on’. You will usually complete the longest paper first and then the shortest paper, one after the other, without leaving the exam room - though this will be confirmed on the day.

Two papers that clash and result in a total time of over three hours, including any extra time you may be entitled to, will usually require you to sit the longest paper in the morning and the shortest paper in the afternoon. You will be supervised and isolated from other candidates from the end of the morning exam until the start of the afternoon exam. Upon completion of your morning exam it is essential that you remain in your seat until collected by the invigilator to be taken to the isolation room. You will not be permitted to leave the isolation room so you should bring a packed lunch and drink. You must not be in possession of any electronic devices during this period.

If you are withdrawn from an exam after your timetable was printed, resulting in the clash no longer applying, the original exam start times will apply.