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York College

Want to be part of our new Student Voice rebrand? Want to earn £50 in Amazon vouchers for helping us design the brand? York College is asking for submissions for the new Student Voice rebrand, this includes producing a logo and an engaging theme which is compatible with a range of multi-media; which can be used across college by Student Voice for all our communications.

The submission must include a logo, details surrounding a colour scheme and font choice.

The winning design will be selected by a panel of judges which will include:

  • Director of marketing
  • The Deputy principle for QA and support
  • Student Governor

The winning design will simple, but recognisable. The winning design must be accessible for all students, accounting for students with visual impairments for example colour blindness or dyslexia.

The winning design will receive a £50 amazon gift card, for more information visit Blackboard and follow the instructions.

CUR0094 0218 Student Voice Competition WEB