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Xtra Curricular activities at York College

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Student life at York College aims to meet the needs of students outside of the classroom. You don't just come to College for your lessons, you also come for the experience, the atmosphere and to make lifelong friends.

York College offers a variety of Xtra-curricular activities/events that develop skills to enhance employability and self-development.

Put more in – Get more out!

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Quotes from our students

See below for some quotes and experiences from our students who experienced life at York College OUTSIDE the classroom:

“Getting involved with Xtra curricular has developed me as a person. Before coming to college I wouldn’t get involved in clubs or extra activities because I saw them as unimportant. Now that I have joined the Sirius group, I’ve made so many new friends and I’ve learnt so much about the world around me.”

“My Instagram is looking great since going to photography club, I’ve now got a theme for it and know how to enhance my images using Photoshop.”

“Playing football breaks up my day and I get the chance to spend time with friends on other courses.”

“Taking part in an Anti-extremism workshop was interesting. I learnt that becoming extreme isn’t always intentional. It helped me understand how easy it is to be targeted and what issues different people face.”

“I didn’t realize I could learn another language (Italian) for free whilst doing my course.”

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Social Media

At York College, not only do we try and engage our students at College, we also have active divisional social media pages so you can keep up to date with your departments news, events, announcements and much more.

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Xtra Curricular Timetable

At York College certain Xtra Curricular activities are held on different days with sessions taking place at the same time.

See below for the full York College Xtra Curricular timetable, be aware this is subject to change.

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